E-ngage IT has grown and achieved much recognition on the back of our business model, which has been to build relationships and network with the best design & development specialists from all over the world. We've created a 'Global Village' which isn't bound by time zones or geography. This means that we can start working for you straightaway, deliver on tight schedules but most importantly bring you the best and freshest talent from around the globe making your product truly unique and world class.

It is our passion to take your thoughts & ideas, turn them into invigorating designs – infuse them with succinct coding and produce apps, websites and digital collateral which really is eye catching and easy to use.

We are a group of professionals focussed on making your Online World Work!

We know that great apps, graphics & websites are a mix of beautiful design, and ease of use. How we achieve this is to not restrict the creative flair and technical expertise of our talented team. They have complete freedom when working to a brief to make sure that it is envisaged in the most ‘perfect’ way possible. This is the core of our ethos, our offer and we are able to deliver innovative apps & websites that always have the wow factor.

Innovative design and meticulous attention to detail combine to make our websites completely unique

Our contemporary business model benefits from tapping into the global village, by using connectivity and communication technologies we find and work with the brightest and most creative minds worldwide. We’ve successfully built our business using this ‘creative workshop’ and what’s more everyone here really love’s what they do and our passion and enthusiasm shows in everything we produce.

Meet the Team

You've read much about us, now you can meet the 'talent' behind these extraordinary creations.


Rizwan Shah


Has led IT teams in Finance, IT, Retail and Services sector. With 15+ years experience he manages the team to deliver projects 'on time' and 'on budget'.


Yousaf Arif

Development Lead

Highly experienced programmer who utilises his skills to manage day to day projects, as well as a growing team of developers at E-ngage IT.


Atif Arshad

Creative Lead

With over 10 years experience as a creative lead, Atif has a knack of knowing what the client wants, which make him an outstanding performer.


Mansoor Ahmad

Animation & Digital

A great eye for detail, he ensures that his team are always able to produce vivid and memorable designs, that are as unique as our clients!.

Our Skills

Design 100%
Front End Development 100%
Backend Development 100%
Mobile Apps 100%
SEO 100%